Real Soccer 2011

Real Soccer 2011 1.0.3

Beat the best in this iPhone soccer game


  • Lots of game modes
  • Multiplayer over WiFi or Bluetooth
  • Smooth animation


  • Not all players have real names
  • Horrible commentary


Real Soccer 2011 is the latest installment of Gameloft's popular soccer game series, allowing you to chase glory in a range of different competitions.

The number of game modes in Real Soccer 2011 is astounding. Besides the standard leagues, cups and training modes, you can choose to manage a club and play a whole season, play as a single player in the Enter the Legend mode, re-write history by completing one of the challenges in History mode, and have a penalty competition.

That's not all, either. The RS League mode in Real Soccer 2011 allows you to compete against others online by collecting points for the matches you win. There's also a local multiplayer mode where you can play over Bluetooth or WiFi.

The range of teams included in Real Soccer 2011 is also very impressive. The game includes lots of international teams and club teams from all of Europe and America's top leagues, as well as lower league teams in some cases. Unfortunately, not all are officially licensed so many player names are completely made up, as are the team shirts.

Real Soccer 2011 is quite good fun to player. A three-button system is used to control the action, along with a directional pad. It's quite easy to get to grips with, and there are a few tricks and special passes you can pull off with the right combination of button presses.

The graphics in Real Soccer 2011 are pretty good, and the motion capture-enhanced player sprites move naturally (if a little slowly). Unfortunately, Gameloft still hasn't sacked the awful commentator used in the previous version of Real Soccer. This means more badly-pronounced names, over-excitement, and phrases that are too obviously stitched together.

It's not up there with Pro Evolution Soccer or FIFA gameplay-wise, but Real Soccer 2011 is still an iPhone soccer game with plenty of depth.

Real Soccer 2011


Real Soccer 2011 1.0.3

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